Friday, March 31, 2017

The Return

The Return.
So ominous, I like it.
What I'm alluding to in my title is my return to Kipp. I had gone on a little bit of a hiatus there but it felt good to go back this month. We were up in the file office again this month organizing doctor's notes, contact sheets, and so on. I'm looking forward to going back next week and hopefully making easter baskets or doing arts and crafts related activities.
In addition to Kipp, I also did some park cleanup at Audubon park which was really nice because aside from volunteering I was able to enjoy the lovely day we were having.
I love New Orleans and cannot wait to spend the next year here. The weather is probably one of the biggest factors aside from the amazing culture and the music scene. We have jazz fest coming up next month so I'll keep you posted (haha posted, get it, it's a blog post) on the scene there.

Other than Kipp I am not really sure what kind of volunteering I plan on doing next month. I like partaking in all of the different experiences that the city has to offer and I think that volunteering is a great way to enjoy NOLA. By the way it’s crawfish season and crawfish ROCKS.

Oh yeah, I did 8 hours this month.
Total: 24