Monday, October 31, 2016

KIPP Experience - I Lead Us To Excellence - Oct. 2016

A group of Pharm. Students and I returned once again to KIPP Elementary/Middle School to support the teachers and faculty in any way we could.

One Friday afternoon, Steven and I assisted with preparing the gym for the school’s Pep Rally, which was scheduled to occur later that day. Steven and I helped set-up tables, chairs, and speakers. As we walked through the halls, it was apparent that the children were extremely excited for the event, and their excitement manifested into their unruliness.

During another day, a group of us were stationed in a third floor office (see picture below). Within the office were filing cabinets containing student files. The files were labeled with each student's grade level. The problem was the grade levels corresponded to last year’s class, and needed to be updated.  

With our substantial brain capacity, we were able to collaborate and formulate an efficient assembly line. I, of course, was declared "Leader" of the assembly line. 

Pictured Below - Steve, Samantha, and The Leader

Here I can be seen passing stacks of folders to Steven, Samantha, and Christen (not pictured). Keep in mind the importance of maintaining the folders (i.e. the stacks) in alphabetical order. It was up to me to establish the ultimate order of operations. There were several factors I had to consider and maintain in my short-term memory: how (the order) the folder stacks were distributed, size of the stack distributed, and my assistants' editing speed. Accommodating all of these factors would prove more challenging than initially expected, but through my continued composure and determination, I was able to lead the successful and timely completion of this task. 

Total Volunteer Hours – 18