Sunday, August 28, 2016

KIPP Experience - August '16

The past two Fridays, I partook in going to KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Leadership Primary, a public, charter elementary school here in New Orleans. The school serves grades K-4, and was founded in 2011. With being a relatively new school, they are in need of individuals to help in advancing certain "projects" and tasks.

My first week at KIPP we were stationed in the library. We worked on posters that indicated the bus assignment/# of several students. This consisted of placing velcro on laminated posters (which other Tulane volunteers had produced in the week prior) and cutting out students names to then stick onto the boards.

This past week, three volunteers and myself were stationed in a storage room on the third floor. The storage room was filled with KIPP apparel (shirts, vests, sweaters), and was in need of some upkeep. The other three volunteers worked on organizing the shirts, by size and color, into boxes. I worked on organizing the cabinets that stored the sweaters.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it allowed me to interact more closely with both educators, as well as, other individuals in the program. I believe that our (the Tulane volunteers) presence in the school, though on the surface may appear to be of small significance, is in reality very important. By working on some of these tasks, we are able to free up the teachers, providing them more time to focus on what really matters-- educating the students.

In a way, the KIPP experience 'hits close to home,' as I have two brothers, twins, that recently started middle school. My brothers struggled somewhat in their early elementary years, and when I moved closer to them after my undergraduate education, I immediately engaged in working closely with them (reviewing homework, giving extra assignments, etc.) to improve their scholastic performance. I am proud to say that they both have been straight-A students the past three semesters, and have received a variety of academic awards.

I throughly enjoyed the KIPP experience. I look forward to returning to KIPP next Friday. I am thrilled to involved in something that aims to better the local youth.

Total Community Service: 4 hours