Friday, September 30, 2016

KIPP Experience- September 2016

Now that the Tulane students have spent more time at KIPP, we have begun interacting a little more with the teachers and staff. All of the KIPP staff are incredibly friendly, and seem overwhelmingly appreciative to have us volunteers helping out week to week.

Earlier this month, I helped out on several different tasks. The tasks ranged from making copies, handing out flyers to the classrooms/teachers, and even changing the display board (which is out front of the school) to remind those driving/walking by about the labor day holiday (since schools were closed). Last week, we were responsible for organizing boxes of KIPP T-shirts. By the end of the day, we had not only organized all the different shirts, by size and color, into different boxes, but had also provided a count of # of shirts /color/size.

Today, a couple of us: Anuj, Steve, Sammy, and I, were put in charge of delivering various school supplies to all of the elementary-grade classes. We were given a cart to load supplies: paper towels, glue sticks, pencils, Lysol wipes, tissues, and large canvases/pads. We went from class to class dropping off the supplies (see picture below). I personally was in charge of delivering the pencils and glue sticks.

As we entered classrooms, we did out best to not disrupt what was going on, but of course, the students were very interested in why we were there and what we were doing; it was interesting seeing what different classes were doing. One class in particular was watching Shrek (combined with 'nap-time'), while another class. was having a pie-eating contest.

Total Time - 12 hours